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When you are planning your trip, the last thing on your mind is securing your luggage. But that exact mindset is what will make you more susceptible to theft. Unfortunately, when you are separated from your larger luggage, your items are at risk of being lifted. More often than not, this is done by experienced thieves that are well-versed in the art of surreptitiously stealing suitcases. However, there is a possibility that your luggage could be taken by a fellow traveler. While accidental, it could still result in you losing important items you packed for your trip.

To reduce the risk of losing your luggage, here are some safety tips for your suitcase:

Take out travel insurance.

This may be more costly than other options to protect your belongings, but it is going to be much more expensive to replace all of your stolen items if something were to happen. Travel insurance works to protect both your possessions and to protect your health.

Keep your most important belongings with you.

There will be times when you travel when you will be separated from your larger bags. Keep your most important belongings with you at all times. This includes your passport, your credit cards, your cash, and any other small, expensive/invaluable items. In the event you lose your luggage, you will still have money on hand, as well as your passport so you can return home if you traveled overseas.

Personalize your suitcase.

This step will not deter more seasoned thieves, but it will prevent the possibility that a negligent bystander won’t accidentally mistake your suitcase for their own. Personalize your suitcase by including your personal information (name, address), as well as any distinguishable characteristics that will set it apart from the norm (colored ribbon, embroidery).

Invest in a lock.

A lock can be versatile when it comes to protecting your luggage. Not only can you use it to lock up your materials in an airport, but you can use it to secure your suitcase to a heavy item in your hostel or hotel room in case someone would try to take it while you are away. Because they have to act fast, thieves are more interested in taking advantage of travelers who haven’t taken precautionary measures to protect their luggage, rather than tinkering with items that are going to require more time and effort.