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Arthur Bogoraz is a private pilot with over fifteen years of active experience. He obtained his private pilot license back in 2001 and acquired a plane shortly thereafter; he has been immersed in the aviation industry ever since.

Since he became a private pilot, Arthur has logged about 800 hours and has earned his Multi-Engine as well as Instrument Rating. He has flown all over the United States and has also flown through parts of the Caribbean. He has also volunteered to pilot medic flights in order to transport organs.

Over the course of his extensive career Arthur Bogoraz has owned many businesses. Now he is looking for ways to apply his executive experience to the aviation industry.

Years of Experience


Arthur hopes to help fill a gap in aviation services by launching a venture of his own: a business that charters individual private plane seats instead of entire planes. This concept has gained some traction within the last few years as a significant alternative for travelers who want the benefits of flying private, but cannot (or would prefer not to) tackle the steep cost of renting a whole jet. This idea supports Arthur’s overall goal of creating a flying experience that is more efficient and streamlined for the convenience of passengers.

Flying can also foster a unique sense of community amongst passengers — yet when faced with high expenses, long waits or delays, crowded lines and more, it can be tough for air travelers to feel anything but frustrated. Chartering seats to fill a private jet, however, is a great way to unite individuals who are ready to embrace the next progressive step in air travel. Arthur views this business model as a unique and more cost-efficient way to meet the needs of people looking to fly privately.

Arthur Bogoraz has enjoyed being involved in the aviation community himself over the years, so that he can share his insights and experiences with other pilots from all walks of life. He advocates for the improved affordability, accessibility, and turnaround time of flights for passengers, whether they are going on trips for recreation or business.

At the end of the day, Arthur is inspired by the endless opportunities that arise from taking to the skies– and he hopes to do his part to support the aviation industry.


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